Top Ten Moments of 2009
Tagged by Kerryn Goldsworthy

I couldn’t narrow it down to ten…

  1. Supported two teenage girls through a year filled with break-ups, drug problems (not theirs), all-night assignments, jobs, & various emotional dramas. We still all like each other!
  2. Lived by myself overseas for three months: discovered I enjoy my own company very much.
  3. In Bangkok saw a gender-reassignment operation up close & in shockingly unhygienic conditions. I didn’t faint or vomit (but am still processing what to do with that experience).
  4. Published two books—Cosmetic Surgery: A Feminist Primer and Trunk Volume One: HAIR—both collaborations with brilliant friends
  5. Saw my little brother Dorian marry his long time love Laura
  6. Made one new friend
  7. Gave my first keynote address at a conference; nobody booed
  8. Dressed up and went dancing with y and Della
  9. Got my first (maybe last?) academic promotion
  10. Visited Cressida and David in Edmonton, Alberta, to welcome their darling new son Solomon Danger
  11. Had lots of fun with little Griff & fell more in love with him every minute we were together
  12. Got closer and closer to my gentle husband
  13. Got really good at cooking vegetarian middle eastern feasts, then spending Sunday afternoons devouring them
  14. Kept alive a personable domestic rat way past his use by date and an ageing pug who is losing her hearing
  15. Turned the backyard into a mini urban farm with two laying Ilsa Browns (Buffy & Willow) and a productive veggie patch

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    These lists never get old, can’t help but click

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