3.30am Saturday

I cleverly invented a Summer cooling pick-me-up today: ice, espresso and tonic (I liked it, nobody else in my household did). I drank several of these blackish concoctions. Now I’m wide awake. All is still in Marrickville but one confused bird is calling outside. I’ve flushed five slugs down the toilet. The teenagers are still out. I’ve tried to wake Sailor up to play with me but she’s not having a bar of it; she’s asleep with her eyes open. Can you guess which one of these lovelies is her? A prize for the first correct answer, family members can’t play.

Darth-PugCartman-SailorSailor in Grass


7 Responses to “3.30am Saturday”

  1. Cress Says:

    The last one looks like a younger Sailor, but maybe I’m distracted by the fact that you have another picture of her in the garden that looks similar. #2 doesn’t look like the Sailor I’ve known but the sofa looks plausible, and I’ve heard she used to be chubbier. #1 isn’t her.

    So if I have to pick one, I’m going to say #3. But if it’s more than one, it’s #2 and #3.

  2. Grant Says:

    Yes it’s #3 – but I wish it was #1 lololol

  3. librarygirl Says:

    I’ve never met you or your dogs but I’m going for #2. He? looks like my nana’s old pug, Tiger, who was alive in the 70s.

  4. Cress Says:

    Did I win? Did I win?! What’s my prize?!

  5. Meredith Jones Says:

    The winner is Cress!! And it is also her birthday!! Yes indeed Sailor is here in my garden at #3, taken back in 2004.

    Librarygirl, I’m sure your Nana was lovely, but I wish she hadn’t let poor Tiger get that fat. Sailor has had her chubbier moments (haven’t we all) but it’s never been that bad.

    Now, the prize was going to be a copy of HAIR. Which you already have Cress. Do you want another or shall I think of something else?

  6. librarygirl Says:

    Hi Meredith. Fortunately Tiger wasn’t a fat dog – it was more the greying sweet face that remined me of him. Rosie, her next pug after Tiger was the little fatso!

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